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Bess is a fictional character and mistress of King Henry VIII in the Showtime television series The Tudors. She is based on a rumor that Henry once abducted a woman from the woods and took her back to the palace with him. Bess is portrayed by Katie McGrath.

Season TwoEdit

Henry and his best friend Charles Brandon are walking through the woods one day while Anne Boleyn remains back at the palace. The two encounter a man named William Webbe and his beautiful wife or lover, Bess, and Henry is immediately taken with her. He kisses her in front of William Webbe, who watches unhappily as Henry takes Bess back to the palace where they make love. Bess purrs at Henry, "Are you really the King of England?" to which Henry purrs back, "No, I was only pulling your leg," while they continue their sexual encounter.


Henry and Bess make love

Henry's mistressEdit

For more mistresses of the King, see MISTRESSES of the King. For pictures, see the home page

Bess is Henry's mistress in the series for a very brief time, and their relationship was really only sexual infatuation. It is possible Henry found Bess more attractive than his wife Anne Boleyn, as he slept with Bess while still with Anne.


  • Bess is a fictional character based on a rumor that Henry once abducted a woman from the woods and took her back to the palace with him while all her husband/lover William Webbe could do was 'complain about it to others'.
  • The reason Bess made love with Henry with her clothes on is because the make up department could not remove Katie McGrath's tattoo, and tattoos were not existent in Tudor times, therefore they had to cover up the actress's tattoo with clothing. Katie feigned disappointment at discovering she had to keep her clothes on during her sex scene with Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
  • It is unknown if William Webbe was Bess's husband or lover. However, they were involved in some way, as shown when William was upset after Bess was stolen from him by the King.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • Bess: "Are you really the King of England?" Henry: "No, I was only pulling your leg." (Henry and Bess make love)


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